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Natural Health, Energy Healing, & Intuitive Support

with Michele Buckley


                                       Looking for a Pick-Me-Up?

Looking for Multi-level Healing & Clearing?

Need Spiritual Guidance to Help Resolve an Issue?

Want to Connect to Your Angelic & Spirit Guides?

Want to Expand the Power of Your Spiritual Practice?

Learn How to Exercise without Increased Pain?

Want to Learn Natural Ways to

Reduce Anxiety & Boost Your Immune System?

Book Sessions with Michele Today!

Gift Cards for the Holidays Also Available!

(via Contact Us Tab or leave voice message at 443-620-3717)

Be sure to visit testimonials tab to help you decide.

Many Sessions Can Be Done Remotely, Especially During COVID

Be sure to check out the tabs to the left for more info about: 

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 Great-tasting nutritional support with DNA lozenge drops by APLGO USA


COMING SOON! Bye, Bye Belly!


Powerful Energy Healing:

Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ & Reiki

House & Office Clearings


A Variety of Unique Intuitive Readings to Empower You:

Light Language Sound Healing Art

Guardian Angel/Faerie/Spirit Guide Readings

Tibetan Soul Song™ Readings

Spiritual, Health, Career, Relationship

Empowerment Readings

Power Animal Readings

Sacred Space/Happy Place Readings

Readings of Your Personal Crystals - learn 1-3 ways to activate them, if your crystals have names they would like to call them by, best ways to clear and to use so you can learn how to use them to their fullest potential

Natural Health:

Customized Nutritional Counseling

Qigong Exercise & Breathwork Classes & Workshops


View Michele's Video that is featured

in Illuminate Festivals Online:

Read Michele's latest blog posts:

Teamwork with Archangel Michael:

Angelic GPS:


Now Offering Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ Sessions

Experience energetic healing on all levels!

Many report "facelift" like, awesome night's sleep,

immediate relief from pain of all sorts,

surge of energy experiences after receiving this healing.

Click on contact tab or email at

to schedule your appointment today!

(in-person or remote healing sessions available)


Qigong to Increase Stamina & Energy Levels, Reduce

Anxiety, Strengthen Body, Boost Immune System

 Contact Michele for private or group sessions of Supreme Science Qigong: Healing Forms 1 & 2,

Qigong Walking out in Nature,

9-Breath and 9-Breath Prayer Circles,

& Breath Empowerment

New! Plus Qigong Food-Healing Education Consultations & Workshops


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Check out the latest in quality whole-food nutritional products to help you enhance your health, energy, and sleep

under the Natural Health Services on the Offered Services Page. 

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