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Magnetude Jewelry

Beautiful Jewelry for Health Vitality

Magnetude Jewelry is a bio-magnetic interchangeable fashion jewelry, a collaboration of Dr. Tracey Diner DC, and artist Candice Loren. 

It was designed with both your health and beauty in mind. A new concept to have beautiful, fun, affordable fashion jewelry that’s good for you too! 

Make endless combinations to match your mood!

FREE reading available with Michele 

if you would like help choosing crystal and natural gem tude 

combinations to enhance your Magnetude Jewelry choice. 

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In short, from a wellness perspective it fits with everything I believe in. I've been working with various energy healing modalities and in natural health for years to help our bodies' natural healing process. 

When I met Dr. Tracey Diner and Candice Loren, I saw a product that not only looked beautiful, but had properties that could effortlessly help the human body and even our precious pets experience increased health and vitality. 

After testing it out on myself for over two years, I was ready to add it to the healing toolbox I offer my clients.  For me personally, Magnetude jewelry's special properties of strong rare earth neodymium magnets (4,000 Gauss), bio-energetic elements of far-infrared, negative ions, and germanium has helped my body feel better able to weather everyday stressors, experience less pain, a reduction in hot flashes, and improved sleep. 

Everyone, women, men, children, and our beloved pets deserve to be able to experience better health and vitality in a world where we don't always have control over what is being directed at us.  

Having a piece of jewelry that can coordinate with every outfit and provide multiple energetic wellness at the same time is an added, wonderful beneficial bonus! Magnetude jewelry also offers options to include crystals or a diffuser for healing essential oils for added healing benefits.

Contraindications for people wearing pacemakers

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