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Many of Michele's Services Are Also Available 

Remotely(by phone, by email, Zoom, Facetime, or Skype)

~ please ask when contacting Michele~

Energy Healing Services 

  • Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ - integrative healing for the body (higher, lower, and main chakras down to the cellular level), mind, & spirit & facilitation of the Ascension process (works on your personal Merkaba vehicle) through the use of prayer, breathe, sound, sacred geometry, selenite crystals, and angelic assistance. Sessions available in person or remotely. Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ for home and office clearing is also available...raises energies to the highest positive light vibration 
  • Light Language Sound Healing - a powerful, supportive healing tool that makes use of the frequency sounds and written symbols of Light Languages to bring deep healing for mind, body, and spirit. Helps with protection shielding for empaths/highly sensitive persons, overcoming addictions, developing unhealthy habits, reducing symptoms of Ascension process.  
  • Bioridian™ Healing - an energy healing modality that incorporates Cherokee healing breathe work and Asian acupressure techniques through the use of selenite & kyanite crystals and herbs to break up blockages and fill your body, mind, and spirit with the Love and Light of the Creator so you can be on your best healing path
  • Accelerated Soma Pi™ Healing Sessions (in-person or distance healing) - works quickly to stop bleeding, relieve headaches, and much more. Soma Pi means "body encircled" and is a powerful, prayer-based energy healing modality that works quickly for emergency injuries and to get your body, mind, and spirit ready for the next step in the healing process
  • Reiki Healing Sessions (in-person or distance healing). Reiki sessions also available with Lemurian Crystals & other crystals for chakra clearing & more
  • Reiki Attunements - one-on-one or in small groups

Natural Health Services

  • Natural health consultations – nutritional support recommendations for food, enzymes, vitamins,minerals, & homeopathy - now offering Reams Biological Ionization evaluations (learn which calcium you need to absorb your vitamins and minerals and reach homeostasis
  • Customized Bach Flower Essence Remedies for natural stress relief, support for physical healing, & increased focus for attention deficit issues
  • APLGO DNA Lozenge Drops - nutraceutical nutritional support for men, women, children, and pets - 15  kinds  Michele's favorites: GRW (voted top immune-support supplement of the year); ALT to support breathing especially during hay fever seasons; HPR gentle detox - stopped an allergic reaction in 15 minutes!; NRM - stopped severe hot flash episode in 10 minutes; BTY - hair easier to brush out, softer, and stronger.
  • Whole-food chewable nutrition, chewable weight-loss aid, chewable energy booster, and chews to snooze natural non-habit-forming sleep aid that increases brain focus the morning after: Temporary unavailable due to COVID-19. Hopefully back soon!
  • Touchstone Essentials Pure Body (the best purified zeolite product) for whole body detoxification.  It contains clinoptilolite zeolite that is small enough to get into the blood stream and intestines providing gentle detox of heavy metals and other toxins, thereby reducing the body’s toxic load, so it can concentrate on healing the way God designed it to do.  Touchstone Essentials also carries high quality whole-food nutritional products for all ages. For more information and to order see:

  • Thought Field Therapy consultations for relief of stress, traumas, fears, allergies, & more

Intuitive Services 

  • Guardian Angel/Faerie/ Spirit Guide Readings – everyone has two or more guardian angels beyond their own uniquely named main guardian angel - tune into your life purpose today! Michele hears the names of each person's main guardian angel sung beautifully from a low tone to a high tone and uses her knowledge of many foreign languages to provide a spelling of the angel's name, faerie guide(s), and main spirit guide.
  • Angel Card Readings - Michele uses her gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance to provide loving and empowering angel card readings with Doreen Virtue's Oracle cards, as well as the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, as a Certified Angel Card Reader®
  • Connect to & learn how to use your own safe, sacred space (happy place) and connect with your angels, spirit guides, and power animals, for heart-centered manifestation, decision-making, stress-relief, & meditation
  • Tibetan or Native American "Soul Song" Mantra Chant Readings for Personal Grounding, Shielding, Protection, Stress-Relief, and Meditation Focus
  • Personal consultations shielding techniques to help children and adults have increased focus and protection
  • Perceptive Awareness Technique® (P.A.T.) Intuitive spiritual counseling sessions for questions on health, career, relationships, & more. P.A.T. ® is a prayer-based intuitive reading technique that utilizes all four clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, & claircognizance), connects to Akashic records, and your higher self enabling increased accuracy in readings that provide easy-to-follow action steps
  • Intuitive readings on crystals – learn how to use your personally owned crystals to their fullest extent for healing, manifestation, & meditation
  • For those who want a crystal but having trouble picking one, Michele can be your crystal shopping guide for a morning or an afternoon to help you pick that special crystal for you
  • Past Life Readings on 3 to 5 positive past lives that to learn insights yourself and your talents

Workshops & Classes

  • Supreme Science Qi Gong Healing Form Level I & 2. Qigong Breath Empowerment and Qigong 9-Breath, or Qigong Walking out in nature. For more information on Level 1, 2, & 3 Qigong training or instructor in your area please visit
  • Crystal, Angel, Food Healing, Nutritional workshops available by request
  • Tibetan Soul Song™ Activation & Experience
  • One-on-One Reiki Levels 1, 2, or 3 Classes & Attunements
  • Coming Soon! Workshop and book on Infinite Divine Illumination™ to Harness Divine Protection in Everyday Life
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