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Healing Testimonials

"Michele's Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ is quite impressive! I had loss of hearing in one ear for over 6 months that the doctor said was likely permanent. After an hour and half session with Michele, I regained the hearing in that ear!" Karen, Towson, MD

"The Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ is truly integrative. I was experiencing physical pain and never told Michele about the emotional weight I was feeling on my chest like an elephant. In under 10 minutes the pain was gone and the elephant lifted off my chest. I felt so much energy and mood lift afterwards that I was able to do lots of cooking, housework, and running of errands for several days. I have also experienced the ability to see more clairvoyantly and I am having more dreams filled with much information guiding me on my life's journey. Thank you, Michele!" Annette, Ellicott City, MD

"Nearly immediately after receiving a half hour session of Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ with Michele 80% of the severe psoriasis that I had been suffering from for 5 years disappeared! I was also able to walk away from a relationship that no longer served me with ease. Thank you so much, Michele!" Denise, Baltimore, MD

"Fever chills and aches gone in minutes after the Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™. Thank you, Michele!" - Chrissy, Woodbine, MD

"I felt more confidence and calmness after an Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ session. Thank you, Michele!” Stephanie,Catonsville, MD  

"I was able to have a peaceful conversation with my spouse after a chakra clearing and Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ session…something that I was not able to have for many months before the healing session." Loyce, Laurel, MD

"The Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ was sent remotely by Michele three states away and it reduced my pain and inflammation that medicines were not helping with at all." Mary, NJ

"The Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ Michele sent to me remotely helped greatly improve my breathing and relieve pain in my chest." Patricia Hawse, KarmaFest

"The Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ Michele sent to me remotely quickly pulled me out of a deep emotional funk; by the next morning I was full of happiness, had my good humor back, and I feel really great!" - Liz, Ellicott City, MD

"I had a fever that wouldn't break after a few days. Michele did the the Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ for me and an hour later the fever broke and I was able to quickly feel much better the whole rest of the day." John, Columbia, MD

"A 15 minute session of the Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ really helped reduced a lot of the carpal tunnel pain I have been going through. I think it's better than acupuncture! Thank you, Michele!" Ed, Reisterstown, MD

"The Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ greatly helped improve breathing difficulties I was experiencing from pneumonia. My energy and stamina have returned! Thank you, Michele!"

Jeff, Pasadena, MD


"After many years of trying many things to relieve acid reflux and tummy suffering, it all stopped after Michele created a Light Language Healing Art Drawing for me to charge my drinking water on.  I also discovered later that the water neutralizer for my home was missing an ingredient to neutralize acid in the water. Somehow, the Light Language Healing Art Drawing neutralized the acidity in the water! Grateful beyond words for Michele's work!" - Tina, Frederick, MD

I had really high blood pressure one day that medication wasn't quite helping to lower. Michele did 15 minutes of Soma Pi™ healing and my blood lowered from 164 to 116. A few days later after the Soma Pi healing the blood pressure is much lower than it has been in a long while. Thank you, Michele!"

Carol, Baltimore, MD

"One day my husband accidentally cut his finger...but he didn't want to go to the emergency room and stop the work he was doing. Within minutes of getting his permission for Michele to send him Soma Pi™ healing, the bleeding stopped! Another time, I had a really bad swollen finger. Within 5 minutes after Michele did Soma Pi healing on me, the pain and swelling greatly reduced." Annette, Ellicott City, MD

"I recently crushed my hand on ladder spokes that quickly slammed down on my hand and bruising showed up right away. Michele did Soma Pi™ healing on it right away and the pain and bruising went away within a half hour. Over a course of a few days, all I noticed was stiffness and then finally had full functioning of the hand and fingers." Dan, Columbia, MD

"One day I was suffering from a headache and fatigue. A brief Soma Pi™ healing session with Michele relieved me of the headache and I was immediately able to enjoy company of friends and tolerate all the noise around us." Cheryl, Baltimore, MD

Michele provided me a short Reiki session for a headache I had been suffering with for over a year. She surprised me by moving out of what I thought was the normal hands-on-healing positions for Reiki by moving down from the head to the heart. The headache has not come back since. I later told Michele that I had had undergone heart surgery and thought I had totally healed from it, not knowing it was causing the headache. Michele just said she followed the guidance of the angels of where the healing was needed." Phyllis, Columbia, MD

"Michele Reiki distance healing is powerful! I had been suffering from breathing difficulties for days and I was finally able to cough and clear up asthma congestion and finally breathe better."

Carol Ann, Laurel, MD

“Michele's healing sessions with Lemurian crystals are powerful. I was supposed have surgeries for two different tumors, and each time the doctors couldn't find them after doing a pre-surgery check. Thank you!” Tina, Severn, MD

"Michele's healing sessions with Lemurian crystals helped a very painful knee. Surgery didn't seem promising before the healing session, but now I don't need the surgery, because now I have full range and use of the knee and no pain." Janet, Clarksburg, MD

"Michele's Lemurian crystal healing session helped me recover enough from a car accident so that I could return to work." Deborah, Glen Burnie, MD

“Michele's healing sessions with Lemurian crystals are powerful. I was supposed have surgeries for two different tumors, and each time the doctors couldn't find them after doing a pre-surgery check. Thank you!” Tina, Severn, MD

"Michele's healing sessions with Lemurian crystals helped a very painful knee. Surgery didn't seem promising before the healing session, but now I don't need the surgery, because now I have full range and use of the knee and no pain." Janet, Clarksburg, MD

"Michele, I don't even know how I will ever be able to thank you! After you created the Light Language healing cards, I was able to get lots of sleep like I haven't had for many years! I awoke super energized the next day!" Annette, Ellicott City, MD

Intuitive Reading Testimonials

"Michele is a wonderful intuitive reader. With all of the questions I posed, she was 100% on target. The recommendations she intuitively ascertained for things I needed to prioritize all turned out to be true and on target months later as well!" Renee, Odenton, MD

"Michele is a gifted intuitive reader. Her genuine, easy-going nature made me feel comfortable and her acknowledgements made me feel understood. I'm blessed to have found her. Her reading was accurate, and extremely helpful at exactly the right time. She gave me practical steps to move forward and find the peace I was looking for. I also enjoyed her vast knowledge and passion for crystals, and learned how to activate, pray and receive answers through my crystal. Michele is a connected soul who is on her path, and the world is lucky." Tara Baldwin, Certified Life Coach/Speaker

"My Guardian Angel reading with Michele was awesome! It really helped me know that I am not alone in my life purpose and learn how simple and wonderful it is now to seek the help of my angels in everything I do." Sabrina, Essex, MD

"Before my guardian angel reading with Michele I was feeling like I would like to learn how to heal animals. The reading showed that not only was that the way to go, but that I had the help of special archangels, my main guardian angel, a faerie guide, and a spirit guide. The reading also gave me how to begin the process and awaken my innate ability to heal dogs, cats, horses, and woodland animals."
Mary, Cockeysville, MD

"Michele taught me about using the Infinite Divine Protection symbol™ she was given by Archangel Michael to protect me while I am driving. Cars no longer come even close to side-swiping me anymore." Fran, Baltimore, MD

"Michele taught me about using the Infinite Divine Protection Symbol™ she was given by Archangel Michael along with using a selenite crystal in a way for me to personally clear negative energies away from my energy field. I use the technique often and it really helps me feel much better. I believe it helped me have the courage to speak my truth and have the courage to make positive changes in my life. Thank you, beautiful Michele, you are a wonderful teacher!" Katherine, Baltimore, MD

"Michele taught me about using the Infinite Divine Protection Symbol™ she was given by Archangel Michael to protect me and my car while I am driving. I wasn't sure if she was for real - since so many so-called psychics I've met are fake, until I was on my way home to Indiana and nearly got crushed by two semis. I remembered the symbol and envisioned it right away, and then suddenly it was like a huge hand moved the semis way away from my car. My wife later had the symbol engraved into a ring for me and now I have it on my business card as well." Mike Uggen, Healer

“Michele is the most accurate intuitive reader I have met - she was dead-on. She cares deeply, and shows it. Her guidance is truly from the heart and provides step-by-step recommendations that made taking action on the guidance an easy thing to do.” Helen, Baltimore, MD

"Michele connected me visually to my happy place - she calls it my safe, sacred space - taught me how to use it, and ever since I have been able to obtain profound insights to help me recover from the trauma of the car accident. I use my happy place often to gain new insights for my healing journey."

Debbie, Severn, MD

"Michele did a Tibetan Chant Mantra reading for me. Amazingly the sound of my personal chant mantra was close to the sound of the Tibetan bowls I use in my Tibetan Bowl Healing practice and the meaning of the chant perfectly fit the vision of my practice of bringing healing to others." Karen, Baltimore, MD

"Michele's Tibetan Chant Mantra reading gave me my personal mantra for grounding. It not only helped me ground better, it awakened my own gift for chanting and healing with the voice."

Thiu-Hen, Silver Spring, MD

"Michele helped me learn how to use a wonderful crystal from John of God in Brazil. Until the reading I had no idea how special the crystal was as a tool to help me help others." Maryanne, Columbia, MD

"Michele organized all the crystals I have been using for years for healing sessions and safely cleared them of negative energy. One of the crystals she showed me how to activate it in such a way that immediately helped me utilize the full power of the crystal like never before." Ann, Eldersburg, MD

"Michele briefly looked at a labadorite pendant that was part of a necklace made and given to me by a friend...and found a representation of my main guardian angel and a special message how she helps me with acupuncture sessions." Diane, Columbia, MD

"I have tested Michele's crystal reading abilities over a phone...s he reads with tremendous accuracy, without seeing the crystal physically, even after a long three hour conversation prior to the reading." Marianne, Gifted Psychic & Author of Spiritual Pathology

"Michele Buckley is an extraordinary crystal intuitive! I have purchased numerous crystals from around the world. Some came with write-ups explaining their special gifts, properties, and histories. I have repeatedly tested Michele's crystal reading abilities against those write-ups. Not only did Michele provide the same information - she expanded upon the write-ups with additional and more detailed information. Michele is a gifted linguist that has studied nine languages, and has been able to use those gifts in her crystal readings. Some of the crystals that I have purchased have come from other countries like Russia, China, and Africa. Michele has been able to translate into English the information she has received from crystals that came from Russia. She has been able to provide a pronunciation/spelling guide for names or other information from crystals from China, Africa, and other countries from around the world. Thanks to Michele, I have been able to utilize the crystals I own in ways I would have never thought imaginable." Brenda, RMT,SMT

House Clearing Testimonials

"Michele did a clearing of negative energies in my home from top to bottom with the Infinite Divine Protection Symbol™ and selenite crystals. All the electronics in my home were breaking down before the house clearing and after the clearing I really felt my home was now protected and filled with positive energy."Christina, Mt. Airy, MD

"Michele did a clearing of negative energies in a home I recently purchased. She picked up on what was causing strange occurrences and was able to begin more positive energies to occupy my home." Holly, Greenbelt, MD

Workshop Testimonials

"I loved the Tibetan Soul Song class. I really liked it because it was so personalized. I feel the soul song helped me to illuminate my purpose in life. In a very metaphorical way, I feel that it has helped me almost grasp the essence of who I am." Cole, College Park, MD

"Thank you so much for the light filled Tibetan Soul Song workshop! It was informative and inspiring. I love the soul song you gave me! I've been reciting the mantra and enjoying the peace it brings." Saroja, Columbia, MD

"Michele is a superb and passionate teacher about the wonders of using crystals...she provides hands-on experience with the crystals... I learned more from her seminars than other similar seminars I have attended." Angela, Laurel, MD

"Wow, Michele really knows her stuff. It is so wonderful to see someone honor their gifts the way she does as well. I definitely learned some things I didn't know about before... which is always a great thing in my book! Thanks Michele!" Anita, Columbia, MD CAM Meet-up Group

"Michele did an excellent job covering the power of crystal healing in such a shorty period of time!! I learned more about crystals in an hour and a half then a recent workshop that was 5 hours long!! Thank you Michele!" Patricia, Columbia, MD CAM Meet-up Group

"Michele's crystal seminar is awesome and captivatingly interesting. She explains difficult concepts very well and makes the learning a fun and wonderful experience. You can really feel the divine presence when Michele reads for you." Sandy, Columbia, MD

"I learned so much Michele's crystal seminar! She is the best teacher ever! She teaches from the heart and shares her personal experience. She makes difficult metaphysical and scientific concepts so much easier to understand." Katherine, Baltimore, MD

Natural Health Testimonials

"Michele made customized Bach flower essences for each of my two cats who had difficulties adjusting moving to a new home and again once I had a child and the flower essences worked immediately! I tried all kinds of other remedies and none of them worked. Thank you, Michele!" Denise, Bowie, MD

"Michele intuitively recommended a flower essence for a severe behavior problem my dog was having and it worked immediately. I even saw an immediate smile come over my dog's face! I had tried other remedies without much success before Michele's recommendation." Debbie, Severna Park, MD

"Michele customized a Bach flower essence for me, and my shyness went away subtly and then I found I had the courage to ask a guy out for a date...something I would have never done before." Virginia, Elkridge, MD

"Michele is a very caring Certified Natural Health Professional. She helped me learn how to take care of myself by showing me a way to check what vitamins, minerals, and enzymes I needed on a daily basis. In some instances, she helped me save money, since there were some things my body didn't need. Her homeopathic recommendations are also starting to help my body recover from years of dehydration issues." Thomas, Baltimore, MD

"Michele helped me find the Thought Field Therapy tapping sequence specific to help me get over my fear of fully expressing myself with confidence and passion in front of others. Everyone noticed the difference in my public speaking at the very next business networking meeting, and now the classes I teach are filling up." Ann, Baltimore, MD

"Michele taught me how to help her get out of an asthma attack naturally since asthma gets worse for her with medications. She said she learned the natural technique in one of her natural health classes. I have been using the technique ever since for my children who were having two to three emergency room visits a month, but now no longer! Thank you, Michele!" Kathy, Severna Park, MD

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